Carbon fiber far infrared radiation heating wire and cable

Carbon fiber far infrared radiant heating cable is acrylic filament at 1000 DEG C non oxidative carbonization formation of high modulus polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber as a heating element, becau

Carbon fiber far infrared radiant heating cable is acrylic filament at 1000 DEG C non oxidative carbonization formation of high modulus polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber as a heating element, because of non metal materials, are essentially different from the traditional metal cable, it completely avoids the generation of electromagnetic field, the radiant energy can reach 90% of the total heating capacity, the life span of thousands of years, with all kinds of heating wire made of carbon fiber, and has dual advantages of characteristics of carbon fiber and, in safety, energy saving, comfort and other aspects of metal cable is a big advantage. Is the best substitute of traditional heating cable.

1, pressure, bending resistance

Carbon fiber carbon fiber heating cable in imported material, coupled with soft, flexible silicone rubber, glass fiber wire, tinned copper wire braided multilayer coating, complex process, high safety performance. Through the working status of the electric circuit in the current 50MA, 50000 (the national standard of 10000 times) bending (30 BPM) carbon fiber and cladding materials without any damage.

2, good insulation

Carbon fiber heating cable insulation is very strong, its insulation is far greater than the specified value. In the insulation test, heating cable immersed in the concentration of 0.8%, 80 C in normal saline is energized, the insulation resistance of 8550M. (the standard is not less than 500M, the dielectric strength test: the 4500V (AC) 1min, 50Hz voltage, flicker free breakdown, leakage current is less than 0.002ma (standard 0.25Ma), more good safety.

3, good energy saving

Metal heating cable in the start or off, due to the material itself determines the metal, will produce an instantaneous maximum power, the maximum can reach more than 2 times the rated power. At the same time, after the start, in a certain period of time, not in the rated operating state, its power will continue to grow until it reaches the rated state, will restore the rated power. Carbon fiber heating cable because there is no impact current, in the start and shut down, will keep the rated power, will not produce the instantaneous maximum power, so the energy saving effect is much higher than the metal cable. In addition, people in the use of far infrared radiation heat transfer in the 16 degrees of the environment in the sense of conduction and heat transfer temperature of 18 degrees is consistent, that is to say: to achieve a low heating twice, will be more energy-efficient.

4, long service life.

Carbon fiber heating cable is made of non-metal materials of carbon as raw materials, so that it can ensure the heating body of the life of one thousand years, the outer insulation protective layer with silicone rubber and glass fiber wire, tinned copper multilayer prepared, can guarantee the life in 50 years. Under the same conditions, the service life of carbon fiber heating cable is much longer than that of metal cable.

5, health function

The infrared itself has the advantages of fast heating, for biological growth there is a very close relationship, as follows: the effect of light irradiation to produce human growth and resonance vibration of the water molecules and the intermolecular friction heat reaction, temperature rise, thermal expansion and contraction of the subcutaneous microvascular expansion to accelerate blood circulation and promote the removal of harmful substances in the body The new supersedes the old. to produce new enzymes, the physiological function of the human body is more active.

Carbon fiber heating cable, far infrared radiation 4um15um, accounted for more than 80% wavelength. It is well known that the resonance occurs when the two wavelengths are equal. But the human body is the human organism, 70%-80% is composed of water molecules, the resonance effect, first the vibration of water molecules activated, and produce a series of physiological responses, can promote human skin and subcutaneous tissue cells in the temperature rise, make the body from the inside to the outside of the heat transfer, promote and improve the human body the blood circulation; conducive to the elimination of body fatigue and body function recovery; enhanced The new supersedes the old. improve the immune function of human body.

Through scientific testing, far infrared thermal effect and the resonance absorption of the human body can produce the following functions:

(1) activates the activity of the biological macromolecules, so that the molecules of the organism can be excited in a state of high vibration. This will activate the nucleic acids, proteins and other biological macromolecules activity, and thus play macromolecules regulate metabolism and immune function of activity, is beneficial to body recovery and balance, achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.

(2) to promote and improve the blood circulation of the far infrared effect on the skin, most of the energy is absorbed by the skin, conversion of absorbed energy into heat, causing the skin temperature to stimulate the skin heat receptors, through the brain make vascular smooth muscle relaxation, dilation of blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation. On the other hand, due to the thermal effect, the release of vasoactive substances, the decrease of vascular tension, the expansion of superficial arterioles, capillaries and superficial veins.

(3) if the body of the enhanced The new supersedes the old. disorder caused by the exchange of The new supersedes the old., arrhythmia, foreign substances in the body so that a variety of diseases will be about to, such as the disorder of water and electrolyte metabolism, will bring to life risk; glucose metabolic disorder caused by diabetes; hyperlipidemia obesity caused by the disorder of lipid metabolism; protein metabolism disorders gout etc.. By far infrared heat effect, can increase the vitality of cells, adjust the nerve fluid body, strengthen metabolism, so that the material exchange between the body in a stable state.

(4) to improve the immune function of human immune system is a kind of physiological protective reaction of human body, which includes cellular immunity and humoral immunity, which is used for the protection of human body and anti infection. Two.